Android/ios client sync features

Hi, i am using nextcloud on my raspberry for a while now and on my work phone i use the nextcloud client to do the sync, which is ok, but compared to the other solution i use on my private phone it is qyite limited in terms of sync options.
On my phone i use FolderSync to sync my files, what allows me to do something like having one folder on the server containing new fotos that syncs to my camera folder on my device and also syncs deletions, and another folder that contains fotos older that 3 months which are then deleted from my device. This results in a fire&forget solution as i dont have to worry about cleaning up my device storage due to having thousands of fotos locally stored. I would love to see similar options in the client like filters that only upload files older than a given date and other fine grained sync options, like delete after upload and so on.

I assume the ios app may be quite similar feature wise to the android app and could use such features as well

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