Android grid view thumbnails


In the web version, we can generate previews in the backgroud and that really speeds up browsing them in grid view.

In the Android version opening a photo folder in grid view is very slow. Does it take the thumbnails from the NC server? if not, is this planned?



Hi @nachoparker, yes the Android client is taking the preview images from the server, well it requests the images from the server. What I personally don’t know is if the server then also needs to create these preview images since I don’t know which sizes/resolutions the server has already generated since I didn’t write any of the code of the preview generator nor the fetching of the preview images on the client side.

We are currently working on a new/better fetching implementation of the preview images on the Android client which won’t make it into a stable release before 3.4 (to be released around end of 2018).

hi @Andy,

Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense. The server seems to genereate previews on demand, but in my case I pre-generated them with the preview generator app.

It is still way slower than displaying the previews from the browser. Good to know that you guys are working on it. Do you guys have a Github issue that I could watch?


The rewrite of the fetching logic is :slight_smile: