Android device always in powersave; never autouploads

I have a cheap Android tablet. I generally like it. However, I have three different powersave options, and none of them turn it off. Plugged in to the wall outlet, even though the icon greys out like powersave isn’t engaged, I have a big old list of files “waiting for powersave mode to be disabled.”

It’s weird because it did work for me once earlier last month. I don’t know if my device had an update since then or if the app did.

A switch to globally turn it off would be best, but… Can you at least make it so that if I’m in the Nextcloud app looking at the items-to-upload it will upload even in powersave mode?

As it stands now, it totally breaks the feature for me. I have to manually queue the upload, then switch to the Nextcloud app to watch the upload so I know when it is done. (Which is itself annoying, but a separate issue.)