Android confusion

I’m utilizing nextcloud on Android for the first time, and the UI is very confusing to me - in the sense that I can’t really find documentation to solidly tell me what’s going on. I’m hoping that someone can set me straight…

  1. Does nextcloud by default attempt a 2-way sync? I want to ensure that my setup never deletes from the server no matter what I do to my phone (and vice-versa). The only purpose I’m utilizing nextcloud for is auto uploading from my phone to the server. Do I need to do anything to avoid accidentally syncing deletes from one side to the other?

  2. What does the sync button on a folder in Android actually do? It throws a bunch of green check marks up - but I’ve tried deleting from both sides and they don’t actually attempt to sync with each other. So I’m not sure what I’m syncing when I click it.


hey @kaledev and welcome to user-forum of NC.

Afaik NC-Android-App was meant to be an upload only-App, no real filesync (maybe devs are working on that behind the scenes but I really don’t know IF they do).

So you don’t need to be afraid that you NC-Android-App shouldn’t delete anything. Maybe apart from the “original” files you upload to your server for the first time with “delete local” checked.

Which means: the app won’t sync anything beyond that afaik. Neither it would sync locally deleted files from a local folder to the server nor vice versa (syncing deleted server-files to your mobile and thus deletes files there)

But well… this is just what I think and guess. Maybe I’m wrong.