Android client won't save login data after completing

My girlfriend has trouble logging into my NextCloud (version 21.0.1) server. This is what she normally does:

  1. Open NC app
  2. Being asked for server URL (got it from me correctly, no issues with SSL or so)
  3. She enters her login data (got them from me correctly)
  4. Grant access for the device
  5. Logged in and can see folders

But once she tabs on one of the folders, the “Enter server URL” screen (first one) is back. Plus I had to deactivate or else the nc_bruteforce_attempts table is flooded with attempts while her login data is correct.

After that, the table nc_authtoken bears a record for her login but still she cannot browse any folders or sync them.

She updated to latest Android NC version just before the login attempts. "Samsung SM-A115F (Android)","version":""

Any ideas what might have caused this? It is very frustrating for her.

Hey @Quix0r

Please can you check or guide your girlfriend through the “Clearing app cache” procedure on her smartphone?

It could be that the app cache of the nextcloud app has some weird / corrupted content and is now causing this behaviour.


Settings → Apps & notifications → Show all apps → Select Nextcloud → Storage & cache

  1. Clear storage: Resets the app to the state of a fresh install
  2. Clear cache: Resets settings of the app

To open the above, you can also just tap and hold the Nextcloud icon on the phone and select “App info”

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I remember she has upgraded it from an older (with “classic authentication”) version of NC and she then has the trouble. And I’m also suspecting this very highly.

I report back once she has attempted it. :slight_smile:

No avail. Clearing both storage and cache didn’t work. She is now re-installing it.

Edit: WORKING!!! Looks like the cleaning isn’t complete.

And she had the famous “Log in, Signup, Host your own instance” screen which did NOT came when she just cleared storage/cache.