Android Client vs. AccountManager


I’m using the Nextcloud Android client from the F-Droid Repo on my LineageOS Smartphone.

My first installation of the client crashed after some days (I suspect it’s been an update issue). The effect: The client didn’t remember my accounts on the various nextcloud servers I was connected to. When starting the client, I got a Welcome screen, asking me to insert my server address, just like in the initial setup.
After entering the address and login, the client closed. When re-opening, it showed the same initial setup screen again. Typing in a wrong password leaded to a notice about username/password incorrect, but correct credentials leaded to the behaviour described.

I ended up installing the Nextcloud Dev client, which worked without problems. But now, I suspect it was another update (don’t run the client every day). The Dev Client shows the exact same behavior.
I can not connect to my Nextcloud servers; as soon as I enter correct credentials, The client closes and starts the setup from the beginning again (asking for server address).

I am not very familiar with debugging Android software, but adb logcat -d gave me some data, from which one line looked interesting to me:
01-09 14:33:02.028 1155 2923 W AccountManagerService: insertAccountIntoDatabase: Account {, type=nextcloud.beta}, skipping since the account already exists

Could this mean, that the client fails to connect to my servers, because the Android AccountManager already has these credentials saved from the previous installations of Nextcloud Client / Nextcloud Dev Client and therefore refuses to accept this new record, while the Nextcloud client does not expect this behaviour and exits ???

I would appreciate any help to get the nextcloud client back up on my phone.

Thanks a lot!

I had the same issue and created an bugreport: