Android client v3.5.0 auto upload custom folder selection

  • This happens when setting up custom folder for auto-upload. Once your browse to root ( / ) folder, you can’t browse back to the file system (including memory card). This behavior continues perpetually and I’m unable to add any new custom folders. Only automatically detected folders are now available for synchronization set-up.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open nextcloud application.
  2. Go to auto upload
  3. Set up a custom folder
  4. Select local folder
  5. Browse to root folder ( / ).

After this I am unable to browse back or to any folder. I am now unable to add any custom folder.

I’ve started a bug on GitHub, anyone else facing this issue?

Hi @parthmaniar,

I started working on a fix, see
And to answer your question: You are not the only one experiencing this issue :cry: