Android client scanning entire file structure at random and modifying two files


Something weird happened to me this night. At 0:08 my android mobile phone decided to do a PROPFIND on every single file in my entire nexcloud account. Because the tree is hugre, it took hours.

I would not have noticed it anyway, but it changed two files, and these files were shown to me as updated in the desktop nexcloud client when I turned on my PC.

I retrieved the new and old version of the file and they are identical, so although the file was uploaded anew it was not actually changed (the modification timestamp was not changed either).

The two files have been last modified October 2017, so there was no recent modifications on them.

Can anybody explain what might have happenend?

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@Andy @tobiasKaminsky @mario

PropFind is syncing, not auto upload afaik. cc @tobiasKaminsky ?


I forgot to mention a few things, that might be useful.

99% of the nextcloud files are not locally available on my mobile phone. So I guess thiss rule out virus scanning or something similar on the mobile phone.

However, the two files that were modified where also downloaded on the mobile phone (so they had a local copy).

The nextcloud version that I use is 11.0.6, the android app is version 2.0.0