Android Client not Connecting

I have a Nextcloud setup that works fine on every connection/client, except my Android phone. I just upgraded to Nextcloud 11.0.2, but I’m not sure if that’s what caused the issue, or not. The sync app on the phone is telling me the connection to the server timed out, only when I’m using WIFI. If I connect to the data plan, through my cell service, it connects to the Nextcloud server just fine. If I go to the Nextcloud website on my server, using the Android phone, it connects. All other clients on the internal network work fine, including the desktop and iPhone clients. Only the Nextcloud app, on Android won’t connect.


what version did you install. I use 1.4.2 and all work fine.


@talkinggoat one issue people found out that sometimes with the latest release of the server that the Android client got blacklisted via the bruteforce protection, can you check the bruteforce table on the server? see also Can't connect via Android client

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That’s what it was. I didn’t even know this table was in there. Thanks for the heads up.

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You are very welcome, happy I could help :slight_smile: