Android client high user data storage. No option to clear

Nextcloud Android client v 3.16.1
Android 11, Pixel 4

Is there a way to clear and/or manage data storage for the Android client? My phone is reporting that Nextcloud app is using 4.43GB (!) of storage, but I find no option to clear up local storage in the app. Checking the app’s list of “on this device” files, that total across all directories is ~50MB.

Connecting the phone to my PC and checking the data storage directory, I find that the bulk of this data is in the /tmp folder


What is the best way to delete this? If I “Clear Storage” within Android settings, I’ll lose all my account settings and preferences, and the “Clear cache” option only accounts for ~60MB of data.

Is the Android app incorrectly accounting the /tmp folder contents as user data instead of cache?