Android client // Fast thumbnail preview

Hi there,

a wish for the future of the mobile app of nextcloud.
Now if i click on a photo in the android app, the screen gets black with a loading bar for 1 or 2 seconds.

Would it be possible to do it like per example google. If i click on the picture, i can immediately see the picture fullscreen but with a lower/thumbnail resolution and it is loading in the background the full resolution picture. “Maybe” the thumbnails will be also stored at the phone for a faster access?!

This would be great for per example fast swiping through the pictures to search the right one.

Best regards from austria :slight_smile:


Hi @Django3,

that feature is planned for the next feature release, see for any details.

Best regards,


Great, thank you! :slight_smile:
Is there also feature for background-preloading previous/next thumbnails included?

So if i click on a photo to get it fullscreen, it would be nice if per example the next and the previews 2 thumbnails/pictures would be preloaded for a seamless wiping through pictures.

@Django3, you’re welcome. As for pre-fetching of the next images there is now implementation or feature request in the issue tracker yet but that would be something that can be discussed in the issue tracker :slight_smile: