Android Client Battery Optimization Huawei P40 pro

Hello the Apps tells me, I must exclude Nextcloud from Battery Optimization. But already excluded.


Model: ELS-NX9
Product: ELS-N29
Device: HWELS
Version-Codename: REL
Version-Release: 10

what happens if you’d click deactivate?

The same issue. No change when I deactivate the notification.

just tried looking at your logfile… but it’s cut off at the end.
though 1 question: u sure youre running nextcloud client? i read something like owncloudclient

most prolly it’s a huwei-OS-based problem… have sou investigated that, already?

It’s the client from the F-droid Store.
maybe an problem at Huawei but I don’t know. I also wait for an reply from them.

awww. wait there was some information about those apps from F-Droid… like they don’t have the same functionality as their google-playstore-version due to some google processes. maybe that would apply in some way to your problem as well?! - dunno. but a starting point for further investigation

Maybe. But have no Playstore, since Huawei is under investigation from the USA.

i know about economy war between china and usa.

Yes, but the upload works in background. But the message pops up on setup an new folder.

But when the F-droid version is limited, I can live with that. Maybe one day nextcloud would released in AppGallery.

so you say the message comes up but doesnt mean anything?

ref: releasing in appgallery… f-droid isn’t the problem, itself. the problem is some connection (i forgot which one exactly) between some google-processes…

Okay. You mean GMS? That’s could the problem.