[Android] Audio player with FLAC : The next music does not start when the previous one ends

Hello community :wink:

I wanted to answer here but couldn’t login to my github account. The audio player can read FLAC musics without any problem on mine.
But., when you listen music in FLAC format their is the following bugs :

  • If the screen is muted, then the player pauses when the music is finished, it does not play the next one. If the screen is turned on again, the same music will restart.
  • If the screen is on, then the player will restart the music after it is finished.

Edit : it seem their is same bug with mp3, i will continue to check others formats.

Hi @voxdemonix,

like you mentioned it is best to address this on Github since you will be able to get @tobiasKaminsky and ezaquarii 's attention. Tobias regarding FLAC and ezaquarii regarding the player implementation in general.

Yes I know but I keep losing my password since i have removed my main account ^^