Android App will not delete chat messages


I installed Nextcloud Talk on iPhone and on Samsung.
Both Apps work well, except off deleting chat messages
on Android!

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Nextcloud Talk on Android Smartphone
  2. Get a message from a friend
  3. Try to delete this message
  4. You get an error like β€œ(Free translation from German) Oops, something went wrong!”

Expected behaviour

The message you got should be deleted.

Actual behaviour

The message stays and an error occurs!

Does anyone made the same experience?

There is still development/discussion going on on chat deletion. See the following issue ticket fΓΌr further information:

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Other than that if you are on Google Play, you can join the beta programm to get the latest RC for the new version 12.0 which might have a fix and if it is a Android client issue please report to GitHub - nextcloud/talk-android: πŸ“±πŸ˜€ Video & audio calls through Nextcloud on Android while it rthen be nice if you could test it with the release candidate I just mentioned, see Nextcloud Talk Android client 12.1.0 RC1 is out

THX … sounds good!

THX … I’ll do so … will report, if success or not …

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