Android app vs IOS app. Lag, Favorites, Scan, etc

I have nextcloud on both IOS and Android devices. Why do I always feel like the android app is a second class citizen to ios app? Example, when I select favorites on IOS app, they just show up instantly. This is how it should be. On android, when I select favorites, nothing there. Wait, the favorites show up in about 4 to 5 seconds. This is on a pixel 6 pro android phone. Not a slow phone. Same happens on all android phones. Why do favorites take so long to display on android, yet on IOS, instant?

Why doesn’t android app have a “scan” feature like its IOS counterpart?

Plus, the IOS app just feels faster and snappier. Android always feels laggy.

Curious how other users feel about this. Please chime in. I’m looking forward to reading the responses.