Android App video playback (is it working?)


Video playback is working in my Android chrome browser.
But not in the Nextcloud App.

I was wondering if this is normal or do I need to do something else to get it working.
Or is there a workaround to get it working?

Thanks for any info!


what version of the app and what happens when you try to open a video?

Also, what format is it?



My android version: 1.4.1
My nextcloud is the latest version.

When I click on an .mp4 file (that plays on the browser version in chrome) it just start downloading the file instead of playing it on my Android.



For me it works. But in slow motion.

Have the latest Nextcloud Version and I use Firefox for android and Desktop.

I tried the latest nightly build.
Here it wants to start streaming, but now I get the message the format is not playable. (The format I use (mp4) does work on the chrome browser on my desktop)
When I try to use an external videoplayer (one of the options in nextcloud app) it does nothing at all.

@nfrederickx it should work with mxplayer for example

Just installed mx player and tried again.
Unfortunately, it still has the same result.

No video plays, and the external player doesn’t do anything either.

I got it working with the external player.

Apparently I should not open the video yet, but select it and then choose to stream with an external player.

If it is opened with the stock player it does not react if I choose to then use an external player.

Very happy now! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all you suggestions!

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