Android app very slow to show md files

I have installed Nextcloud on a local Linux Mint server and it works very well. My main purpose was to use the notes app for collaboration among a small group of people. It works perfect on the server and on both internal and external clients using Windows, OSX and Linux. However on Android mobiles it is incredibly slow to show md notes. Is there a way to speed this up?

Are you using the Nextcloud Notes app on Android? It keeps a local copy for instant access.

Sounds like you are using the nextcloud mobile app?

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Thank you for your quick reply!
Yes, I am using the Nextcloud app on a Android phone… is that the problem? If so… why does it have to be that slow?

Use the nextcloud notes app. Should solve the issue.

Regular client will be syncing your entire account, where as notes app only handles the MD and txt in your notes folder against your local copies.

You can also set your regular nc client to only auto sync over wifi.

Or, perhaps the main client is not keeping local copies of the notes folder. You can select which folders you would like to keep locally on your mobile under folder settings.

The Nextcloud Notes app uses a native (on-device) editor for speedy everyday continuous use.

The general Nextcloud client (which does a bunch of things and the Notes app depends on) used WebViews for its integrated editing. That means it is server-side technically so it’s dependent on connectivity speed among other things. While that has tradeoffs, it also means it supports editing of other types of documents too - like ones in Office formats.