Android app very slow "on device" dialog down to freezing and crashing


since I’ve installed the Nextcloud app on my new tablet, I’m facing an issue that I haven’t had before: the app works fine overall, the synchronization progresses rather normally (the initial sync is always a bit painful) but the app becomes very very slow when I switch to the “on device” dialog, it freezes for minutes. The app just freezes for minutes, sometimes a system dialog appears that the app isn’t reacting and if I want to wait or kill it, sometimes the app continues to the “on device” dialog, but then the same game happens again if I press any button or try to browse the folder(s). Sometimes the app disappears and if I start it again, it’s back to the default view, and even though there is never a crash dialog/report, Android complains from time to time that Nextcloud has frequent crashes (so I guess it does).

This seems to be rather independent from the server because the sync generally continues in the background, even though it never finishes completely, and all other dialogs work normally and I can browse through “All Files” rather normally. The same folder (1.7GB of data) on an older tablet or even on a phone (Fairphone 3, nothing fancy) doesn’t show and has never shown at all this behaviour.

I’ve already removed and reinstalled the app as per but it didn’t help. I’ve already tried killing, cleaning the cache, re-booting the tablet, etc. Nothing helped.

App version is 3.16.0 from f-droid (but I have the same version on other devices without issue), Tablet is a Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite (SM-P610) with Android 11 (and I realise that it’s the only device with Android 11 (all others have Android 10). Server has Nextcloud 20.0.9

Anyway, I’m completely stuck and don’t know how to fix the issue.

As an additional note, the initial sync is finished but the slowness is still there…