Android app to store photos/ videos in subfolders for year/ month on NC 11 server

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on the sd card of my android 4.2.2 phone (S3 mini i8200N) there are 4000+ photos and videos stored. Since I do not have a backup yet I am eager to copy them to my brand new Nextcloud 11 server. I found the settings of the Nextcloud 1.4.0 android app that do fit my needs to store them in year/ month subfolders on the server.

If I fire up the transfer process (either instant upload after picture taking or batch upload) the files get stored in the root directory of the documents folder and ignore the ‘Use subfolders’ (store in subfolders based on year and month) setting.

As a workaround I copy the files month by month manually and move them into the desired year and month folders on the server which is a quite tedious process.

However, on my iphone 5s with iOS 10 and Nextcloud 2.16 app the batch upload of 700 files worked like a charm. But I found out that the iOS app incorporated the year/ month subfolder feature from android app. So, I am puzzled. I really think that I am doing something wrong here but cannot find out how to circumvent it.

It would be great if somebody could guide me into the right direction.

Thank you very much in advance.
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You’re not doing anything wrong George, there’s different lead devs working on the iOS and Android apps so feature parity isn’t a guarantee.

In this case, Android doesn’t upload to year/month when not uploaded using the instant upload/autoupload features. I too hope this happens at some point (ahem @tobiasKaminsky @andy :smile:) but it isn’t there yet.

Thanks a lot for the clarification, Jason.

Is there an option to upload files from the phone into a specific folder on the server?That would ease the workflow and save me some manual file transfer steps on the server.

Currently, I am searching in the NC app on the phone for the file names of pics from a certain month and pick the ‘select all’ option.

Is there an estimation when this option will be implemented into a future release?

In the meantime I am open for suggestions in order to improve my current workflow.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Just go into the desired subfolder and click on “+” and then “upload file” (top option) and choose all images that belong to the year/month.

InstantUploading with subfolders should also work, but only for new images.

Thanks for the smart workaround, Tobias!

This is something I will certainly test this evening. It will help a lot to import the photos/ videos directly into the desired folder on the server!

Any idea when the ‘upload based on year/ month subfolder’ feature will be rolled out in an upcoming release?

Any idea when the ‘upload based on year/ month subfolder’ feature will be rolled out in an upcoming release?

Using subfolder for AutoUpload/InstantUpload should already work.
What do you mean/want precisely? Please describe it a little more in detail.
I do not know the iOS app and cannot test it.

I apologize for the confusion.

The feature I would like to propose is the batch upload into year/ month subfolders of photos/ videos taken in the past. Is there a plan to roll out this feature in the upcoming releases?

However, the instant upload into year/ month subfolders is already implemented if I understand correctly.

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