Android app taking up over 20GB

It seems that when the Nextcloud app uploads files automatically to the server, it stores them temporarily in it’s storage. My client has recently tried to upload two 10GB sized Signal backups, but after uploading them it doesn’t seem to flush them from my Nextcloud app, so now I’m stuck with a 20GB sized Nextcloud app I have to clear data from every once in a while.

I have no local files downloaded.

Hi, if you find a solution please let me know, i’ve got the same problem…

Using the newest android version, hadn’t the issue with the older one…

I have the same problem. I found a temporary solution. I reinstalled the Android app, and do not set up any auto upload. Then the storage usage will become normal.

I use FolderSync Pro for the synchronization, as a replacement for nextcloud’s auto upload function.

Hello @Whatnoww, and all the others,

Sadly enough your post is missing almost all specific technical information. Thanks for your post, but please take a little time to get acquainted with the forum and make a stronger effort to troubleshoot. It is the least you can do when asking others to help you:

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    • php modules missing Ubuntu Snap update
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    • nextcloud php modules missing
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Sorry, but your tips are not helpful at all, this issue regards the Android app, not server configuration, there aren’t any error messages or missing php modules.

I’m also having the same issue, turning on auto upload causes nextcloud app to consume enormous amounts of device storage even to the point of filling it up completely. The problem seems to be complex in that: 1. Pictures that get uploaded are duplicated to the “on device” section in the app, even though I explicitly chose to keep the uploaded files in their original folders. After each upload I have to manually delete these duplicated files, BUT
2. Even after deleting abovementioned duplicates Android settings still report that nextcloud is taking up multiple gigabytes of device storage (I have no files downloaded through the app) and the only way to remove that phantom data is to delete the app entirely and reinstall it.

I’m using NC 25, self hosted on a debian home server.

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There are multiple issues on GitHub regarding Autoupload on Android, which are all linked to this issue:

According to the devs the issue should be fixed in the next release of the Android client. As a workaround, I have temporarily disabled Autoupload on my phone.

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just for the good of it: searching the net for existing problems is always a good suggestion (you at least would have found some similar problems on here as well). And if you would dare to take a closer look at all the suggestions made you would easily discover a question for all involved systems. ALL. Meaning: cellie as well.

But yeah, it’s always the easiest thing to first ask and then telling them off if someone only dares to ask for more concrete informations.

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