Android App share to Nextcloud doesnt work

I have Nextcloud 20 running and the Nextcloud Android app works well apart from “share files”.
I cannot share a file from another android app (e.g. Whatsapp) to upload to a Nextcloud folder via Android “Share” file.
This used to work well but not anymore in Nextcloud 20.
Uploading a file from the Nextcloud app works, just not the “share” function.
What is the problem ?

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Good that the same question has been asked ans answered only 6 hours ago - next time please SEARCH BEFORE POST the same problem multiple times :wink:

The OP clearly states he’s using Nextcloud 20 and your solution is “stop using Nextcloud 16”??

I have the same issue, it started fairly recently, maybe a few weeks ago. No app can share with Nextcloud any more, it just fails to work with no error message. Used to work fine. Running Nextcloud 20.0.4 with Nextcloud Android 3.14.1.

This bug report indicates that the problem is caused by a bug in the Android app and should be fixed in 3.14.2. When that’ll be released is anyone’s guess.


Tip: with F-Droid, you can install an older version or the dev-version.
I’ve tried 3.14.0 and in that version the sharing works.

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I can confirm this no longer works and the solution is incorrect. Mods please un-solution this issue.

I’m running:

Nextcloud 20.0.5
Android app 3.14.2

Unfortunately I cannot confirm your findings. The sharing of a file from e.g. Whatsapp to the Nextloud Android app v3.14.2 to a server running Nextcloud 20.0.5, works like a charme again. The problem has definitely been solved with that version.

Just retried - can confirm it’s working now via the share menu.

Didn’t the app used to have an notification when it successfully shared a file? Been a while since I last did it so can’t remember if that’s a regression or not.

IF you’re sharing a file you will see an upload notification in the notification bar of your phone. Additionally all activities are tracked as a Nextcloud activity, which you can see using the Activity menu in the Android app :wink: