Android app sending wrong info to LDAP


I’m running the latest version of the Android app from the Google store on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

My Nextcloud version is 15.0.5 running on FreeBSD and Apache24 with PhP7.2 built from the Ports collection.

Prior to updating everything worked fine with no issues between the web interface or app and the LDAP backend.

Now however, I am unable to access the Nextcloud environment through the Android app.
I have managed to trace this to the username not being sent to LDAP but instead the Nextcloud generated UUID is getting sent which of course LDAP doesn’t know about and therefor is not allowing access.

The strange thing is that Nextcloud is fine through the browser which is sending the correct data across and therefor login is possible.

I am wondering if it is a configuration issue or perhaps worst case a bug with the API?

Any ideas would great, thanks.