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It looks like there isn’t an ability to select | remove folders from the mobile client sync. This can quickly overwhelm a mobile device. Please consider that function.

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Hi @mets_web can you go a bit more into details what you mean by client sync? The client shows you the folder structure and files from the server but won’t download a file before you actually open it. So if you open a file or mark a file as favorite it ends up on your phone.
Maybe I got it wrong :frowning: Not sure we are talking about space on the phone or time to check the state phone Vs. server.

@mets_web: Except the native clients no syncing is done automatically (neither the “WEB-Client” nor the android-client). You’ll get the folderstructure on your client and that’s it. As Andy states you have to mark a file to get it on your device. It would be interresting to know if a once marked file stays synced afterwards…

It is afaik a 1 way sync. So when you change a file marked as favorite it gets uploaded to the server. At least that is how I remeber it.

…and vice versa? If someone else changed the file on the server, did you get your device-local file synced?

You mean if it gets changed on the server? Then it gets updated when you open it on the client/Android device. We do not refresh files before they get used.

Besides that, we do not have somethign like a 2-way Sync yet. The feature request has been opened here:

Hi @Andy
Perhaps I was a bit premature with my comment basis your description, however, when I set up my mobile device it began to show what I Interpreted as a sync activity. Based on the duration (this went on for more than a few minutes on local wifi lan), I presumed it was pulling a copy of all files and folders from the server. I interrupted the process and removed the app as I have more items on the server than I have mobile storage.

Basis your reply I’ll reinstall and allow the process to finish or fail and revert my findings.

Thanks for the additional info.


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@mets_web glad I could clarify this. Please let us know if you have any problems. Happy to help!