Android-App requesting server upgrade

Recently, my android app has started posting a message upon startup informing me that my server has reached EOL and requesting an upgrade of the same. No other information is provided. I’m very happy with my NC kit - it does what I want it to do and I’m not looking for any new functionality. Am I in danger of having some future client update stop working if I don’t do a server upgrade? Should I disable client updates??

Yes. Currently supported versions of Nextcloud Server are here[1].

Though the client issue is secondary; the bigger problem is if you’re running an end-of-life Server version then you’re no longer receiving security patches[2].

You need to be on at least Server v27 to still receive monthly maintenance releases (which contain critical security and bug fixes)[2].

What installation method did you use for your Server? That will determine how to upgrade.

[1] Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub
[2] Maintenance and release schedule — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Thanks for the quick reply! Looks like a complete LAMP upgrade for me as well. Probably not a bad time for new iron, too. Good indoor summer project for a sunshine state resident! lol Cheers.

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