Android app: receive push notifications from 2 servers


I have 2 nextcloud instances here on raspberry pi’s and sometimes they go down, nothing bad but I would like to be informed so I can fix it.
I could use a site like: but I prefer my own solution, like that server1 checks availability of server2 and the other way around and if it fails that it will notify the admin user by a push notification.
Until now I have not found an option to receive push notifications from both servers, only one, does anyone knows a workaround or configuration to enable this?
I use the app from the google play store, so I do receive push notifications.

This is the script I created:

ping -c 1 SERVER/IP &> /dev/null || sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ notification:generate admin “Server is down”

Does anyone know a solution?