Android App not showing any files


I have installed nextcloud 20.0
While I can synchronize through the windows application and see the files in a browser, the android app I just downloaded 3.13.1 doesn’t display any files.
I have tested on 2 different phones.

Can you please help ?



I too am experiencing the same issue. Everything is visible through the web client and windows app, but I cannot see most files and folders through the Android client

I am also havingthe same issue i am wondering if this is a bug in version 20 that is causing this ?

I confirm it happens with NC 20 and android app, the same app works fine on NC19 Server. iOS app works fine.
I opened a bug 2 days ago but no comment yet.

Same here…

NC 20.0.1 seems to solve the issue

Agreed. Updating to NC 20.0.1 fixed my issue as well.

I’m getting that error again since the NC server updated to 20.0.2: The Android client 3.14.1 shows “Server not available” and throws a “Socket error” when i try to access the account. Web client and iOS client are working correctly.

Same issue here:

NC Server 20.0.1 (docker)
NC Android client: 3.21.2

Some of the folders are possible to browse, some are not.

When it is not showing the folder, the progress marker is just spinning and spinning but never finishes.

Pretty unreliable and unusable like this.

I had to start downloading my travel documents manually to my phone with the WEB UI to be sure that they will actually be available when the ticket-inspector asks for it.