Android app 'Network Error'


Had been working with old temp server in place for months - I finally got the bug and built new server and got 15.0.5 everything going fine on PC with Firefox addon - no issue. Just had to setup account and proper password - no problem. BUT On Android NextCloud App works 100% but the Android Password app will not accept my server name (or straight IP) at the https://… prompt
Uninstalled rebooted reinstalled directly from PlayStore and still can not even get past the server prompt to setup. Needless to say Firefox addon on Android not working either - just set to disable until get everything else going. Note - in the Android Firefox browser I can go to the https:// dns or ip and log right in no issue - even see the bookmarks and passwords…

Sure was cool to have passwords synced with PC and Android - nice app.
Anyone know how to get this app working again?

Thank you


Can you tell me which error message you get by the browser extension on android?


This is on android - at the very first prompt for server - can’t get passed… Gives ‘network error’ no matter how formatted ie with or without https:// a fqdn or a local ip address. With a trailing / or without.
All other instants of password (desktop plugin) work just fine. I can even logon on the android via web browser and see password and bookmark OK. No errors seen or found.
Tried to turn off the api in setting then setup android - same issue - turned back on because other clients stop working.


Can you please enable the Firefox Extension on your Android Phone and tell me which exact error message you get from the app.


Exact error is:

Nextcloud password request failed
The password list could not be retrieved.
Error: NetworkError when attempting to retrieve resource.


Still not working - the Android app - Nextcloud Password v1.10 from playstore will not accept any https http or ip on first setup screen after install. I have cleared data & cache stopped and removed app from phone - installed directly from playstore and still get same issue - Network error and back to prompt. I do not have issues getting to server from other nextcloud apps (nextcloud, notes, carnet) from same phone on same network.

Anyone help?


maybe @daper can help


Hi, many people reported this same error since time ago. But I couldn’t reproduce, so it’s difficult to guess the root cause… Anyway I’m working on the next release of NC Passwords for Android that I would like to publish by the end of the month. And it will have probably a debug feature for all this kind of tricky issues. I hope you can get it working soon.


@andyj9 Do you use a self signed certificate or the like?


self signed cert.- just to use https on internal network.

One more possible hint - I did have this working on another server.
I am going to assume the cert was downloaded and correct but when I updated server (different cert) the ‘network error’ appeared. Uninstall/Reinstall etc efforts does not replace the original cert. Maybe in a future version you can include a way to remove/replace cert or force download of cert.


Same problem, anyone can help??


Ok - not sure exactly but it’s working now…
Firefox had some issues with certificate last week and also an update for the password app on nextcloud server. After waiting a couple of days for the Firefox issue to be solved on Android and then updating my android it allowed me to edit the server and login info on the password firefox add-on - I did have to say accept self-signed certificate check mark. IT WORKS 100% now - even tried on LTE connection and it found my server like it did before - no issues.