Android App - Manual upload - Ask for overwrite instead of increment

Dear Nextcloud community,

I am using Nextcloud almost since the beginning and I am quite happy with it (thanks for all your awesome work). Currently I am using NC14.0.3 (UnRAID Docker Container) with Android smartphones (Nokia with Android Pie and NC3.6.2 and Huawei with Android Pie and NC3.6.2).

My issue:
We are Travelling abroad for some time and are using NC to backup our photos (Auto-upload for smartphone photos, manual upload for photos taken with a camera from SD card).
As the internet connections are really slow here (also due to high latency), it takes very long to upload the photos. Often it takes longer than the night - then I have to abort the upload because otherwise NC will continue uploading via 3G/4G (limited amount of data) after the WiFi is out of reach.
The next evening, I cannot simply select all photos again for upload and decide what to do with the existing / already uploaded ones (overwrite, only if newer, skip) - instead it will upload them again with (2) appended.
I also cannot choose to delete the already uploaded photos from the SD card, because as far as I know, the NC app does only have write/delete permission to certain app folders (Android > data and media or something like that) on the SD card and not to my photos folder.

I understand that for auto-upload, it makes sense to have the (2) appended for existing photos.
But for manual upload, the user should be able to choose (either beforehand or for each file) what he likes to do with already existing files, e.g:

  • Overwrite
  • Overwrite only if newer
  • Skip
  • Add as New version
  • Append incremented value

There could eben be a switch in the settings to select a default behaviour or to ask if needed.
Or have I missed something? Right now I am using the (more or less working) Synchronize Ultimate app to make sure all my photos are synced…

Other nice features (sorry for not opening a FR - travveling…) as an idea:

  • Have a switch / setting to permit only uploads of files smaller than X MB via 3G/4G (larger uploads will be added to the upload queue similar to auto-upload with “Waiting for WiFi”)
  • Permit multiple parallel uploads (via multiple TCP connections) - this will enable faster upload for a large amount of small files or using the full bandwidth of high-latency links (otherwise limited by the high latency and the single upload / TCP connection)
  • Continue partial upload (don’t know if this already implemented and might require a newer server version) - this would help to upload large files (e.g. videos) over unstable internet connections).

Kind regards,