Android app login

Hi guys,
This side Ayush,
I have just started with open source contribution and I found it intersting to work on nextcloud android app but unfortunatly i am facing certain issues while logining in the app.
I just want to know do i need to create an cloud account on nextcloud to login the app but if i do so, as per intant trial policy it would be activated till 60 minutes only or is there any other option to login as a developer and work on contributon?I have already read out the and doc but it is not clear in there how to login a android app.
Its been a week i am bogging my head for just a simple login .Please guide me out here.

If I get you right you need a permanent Nextcloud account. You can get an account from multiple providers (some have even free plans) or host the server yourself. Been a developer I assume you will need access to server side logs as well so self-hosting is preferred option in my eyes.

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