Android App loading folder content forever - for one user only on diffrente devices

Hi there,
I want to discuss about an issue that I’m having on my Nextcloud:
Server version: 18.0.4
App version: 3.13.1
I have a repository on 7.2 GB in 7000ish files. I’m able to navigate correctly in the first 2 level folders but once a reach level 3 everything becomes super slow and once I reach a specific folder on level 3 it loads forever without showing me the content.
I’ve done some tests:
Sharing the folder to another user solves the problem: The user that has permissions on the folder is able to work correctly and it’s loading very fast.
Copying the same folder to another user solves the problem.
The user which has the issue has it on different devices (Samsung S8 - S9 and S10) but using another user on the same devices shows no problem.
The issue is not present in the Web interface nor on desktop.
I’ve also tried to do a files:scan on OCC and to flush the recycle bin as in had 300 GB of files but it didn’t solve.
The only thing I see from the server logs are PROPFIND : HTTP 207, so it should be normal.

Do you have any suggestion?


Update: Found no solution, had to recreate the account.