Android App Improvements

Hi @Andy the image auto upload is not working, i have to have the app open to upload the images. Also, this there any talk about about a photo viewer in the app? I know on the iOS you can click on Photos table and you can see all the pictures. Is this something that’s coming out on android?

Grab yourself a copy of the Release Candidate for V2.0 and experience the magic that should cover all your requests.

Also Andy please release the damn thing. :smiley:


Thanks for the reply @JasonBayton how do i go about getting that?

Go go go!

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Thanks! Trying it now :slight_smile:

Love the update. Hopefully the none beta come out soon :slight_smile: Thanks @JasonBayton :slight_smile:

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We are getting closer to the final release of 2.0 but there are still some quirks to be ironed out with the new login which seems to still cause problems for some of its users and that is quite a stable release blocking issue :crying_cat_face:
But @tobiasKaminsky might be hunting it down awaiting some user account, server infos.

Thanks everybody for your patience!

There will be at least an RC8 :smile:

oh so true… it was already doing better during some of the predecessing RC-versions. but wells… it’s going forward, anyways. go go go! :wink:



do you guys know Maoam as well? as in: “what else do you want?” - “ma-o-am! ma-o-am!..” :clown_face:


Yup! Love a maoam.

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Hahaha, nice one :heart:

@Andy Only thing i did notice is that when clicking on photos tab it wont cache so it tires to pull all the photos direct from the server, and that takes a long very long time. I think after the first click it should be able to cache the photos like the ios app does.

@AndyXheli I created an issue for this - while I am not sure if the images aren’t cached yet since I didn’t find the time to test this or check the code base…