Android app & fulltextsearch app?

I’ve installed the fulltext search app of @cult, but on moble devices it’s not easy to use the app with the browser because the display of the phone is much to small.

Therefore the question @Andy if it would be possible to add an interface between the Android app and the fulltextsearch app, e.g. if the fulltextsearch app is installed then provide an option to search with it on Android.

Thank you!

is does:

You mean it should, do you? @cult

Either i am doing something wrong or the fulltextsearch does not work with the Android client.

In my case, Android is finding only filenames and not the content of the files.

I have version 3.1.0 installed on Android 5.0.

I meant ‘it does’ as FTS is able to be integrated in any remote client. The screenshot you’re seeing is an early stage of the integration on the android client.

@Sanook like @Cult said the API is there and there is a early stage proof of concept as linked by @Cult while this will still take some time to come to Android simply because right now we are finishing up work for the next Android client release that being 3.2.0 RC1 so maybe we can pick this up again after 3.2.0 has been released as stable which means we could probably pick up development of this feature again starting mid of June.

Any update on this? (now on 3.6.x)

or how about now?

This still doesn’t appear to work with the latest android Nextcloud app of 3.12
I don’t have tesseract installed, its not clear how this works with a Nextcloud docker 18.6
I can search files but not contents, including .doc and .xls files. I’ve used OCRmyPDF to make Adobe files searchable.

Is there something I’m missing or is this feature not available yet?

Is this project still in progress, will be awesome tu have this feature on the mobile app