Android app "forces" document sync

Hello all.
The android app seems to be “forcing” local residency of any remote-opened document.

When I open a document, or a picture, from the All Files hierarchy I expect it NOT to be “saved to the device”, unless I tick the “make it available offline” checkbox. This is what I would expect.

Viceversa, whenever I open a file listed under All Files, the same file is automatically made available under the “On Device” hierarchy".

I could not find a way to avoid this
nor I could find a way to revert this, that is, to tell the app “this synced document should not be synced anymore”.

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for your great work

Hello Alberto,

Sorry for the late reply. :frowning:
Right now there is no way to not download the files. To revert this when deleting the files within the app you can choose “only local” so the file will be kept on the server. The beta version of the app already contains a preview implementation for images and a streaming feature for videos, while still all “open file operations” lead to a download and save at the moment.


Any progress on this one? The Android app on my phone downloads without ever opening/accessing files.