Android app fails to download on new phone (7.1.1)


I just got a new Android OnePlus5, with 7.1.1, and Nextcloud on it is 1.4.3, and server is 12.0.0 on FreeNAS.

The app creates account fine, it syncs the folder and item names, but when I try to open any file, it says it couldn’t finish downloading the file. It works fine on my previous phone (Xperia). So I assume server is fine, but what can be wrong on the mobile side?

The phone is not rooted, so I can’t get the app logs I assume. The server log (nginx) just says the client tried to access the file. Nothing related in Nextcloud web log.

What could cause this, and how to investigate it further?

Never mind. It was some issue that storage path did not work. It likely copied it over by android account sync automatically while registering new phone. I wiped all settings, and now it let me choose storage path. Downloads now.

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