Android app : doesn't open files in associated app

Hi !

I’m using the latest NextCloud app on my Android 7.0 phone (Moto G4). It’s properly connecting to my NextCloud server (hosted on I can browse directories, download etc. No problem.

However, when I select a file and try to open it with the associated app (pdf file, odt file etc.), from the NextCloud client, a white screen appears for a fraction of a second then it goes back to the NextCloud screen and displays an error meaning something like “couldn’t started associated app” (don’t know the exact terms as it’s in French).

I checked : the files ARE properly downloaded and the associated apps are capable of opening them. For instance if I open manually the pdf or odt viewer, I can select the downloaded files and they do open properly.

I’m using NextCloud (latest client) with the NextCloud 11 (latest server). Downloading to the SD card.

Cheers !!! Thanks a lot for your help,

I have the same phone and the same problem. On my shield tablet it works fine.