Android app does not display content of some folders

I am using the latest Android app with NC server 23.0.10. I started to see a problem recently that some of my folders with images show as empty in the Android app, but I’m able to see the images fine via the Web browser. There no error displayed in Apache or NC log when accessing this “empty” folder, the Android app just displays the rotating circle for a short while, and that’s it. Any idea about this issue? Thanks.

Could be this issue: Favored folder sometimes won't open · Issue #10763 · nextcloud/android · GitHub

Thanks, my issue is not with the favored folders, but rest of the behavior is exactly the same.
And also the workaround - to search for files inside that folder, or for the folder name itself - worked for me as well. Once I went to that folder via the search menu, it is displayed properly including its content. Thanks.