[Android App] Direct open docx failed

I just deployed nextcloud on :

  • CentOS 7
  • Apache 2.4.6
  • PHP 7.4.19
  • MariaDB 10.5
  • Nextcloud 21.0.1

My laptop is running : Ubuntu 20.04 with Libreoffice bundled within.

I have created an admin account on nextcloud, and I can logged in no problem. Uploading files, downloading files, direct open files working fine.
Then I installed nextcloud app on my android 10 phone, logged in as admin. Browse, sync no problem.
Problem arise :

  • I created a “file1” with laptop, Libreoffice, word text file.
  • Save “file1” as : .odt and .word 2007/365 (docx) format
  • Upload the files to : google drive and nextcloud
  • Try to direct open both files in google drive : no error, working fine
  • Try to direct open .odt file with nextcloud : 1st it download the file, then opens it with google Docs, no problem.
  • Try to direct open .docx file with nextcloud : gives “Cannot open this document. This file isn’t available offline. Make file Available offline in the file Options menu”, but I don’t see the option to make Available offline.
    I do noticed that nextcloud will download the docx file and save it in the device “Android/nextcloud/media” and I can open it using file manager, but this is not what I expected.
    This problem happens to all docx format, haven’t tried with xlsx format though, but I guess it might give the same result.

So any ideas, solution or maybe I forgot to download proper app to nextcloud ?