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I’m trying with little to no knowledge to build an Android app to do the following:
Track photos uploaded to Nextcloud (through android app)
Delete from phone if photo/video is greater than ### days - verify still on server before deletion.

I started programming in Android Studio today and was able to make an app that uses the v2 login to let the user put their Nextcloud url and login, while the app polls for the apppassword and user login. Next I’m wondering where I can get the Uploads list from the android app? Is it stored on the server or on the phone?
I want that list to be added to my app so it can process the files locally based on their date criteria.
Any ideas?



Sorry, with Android development I am completely out. Maybe @tobiasKaminsky can give you a hint into the right direction?

Without knowledge, I fest there is no president file with the names of all uploaded files. I guess this is stored in a dedicated database. Maybe you will have to query the server and compare the set of files…

If we cannot get the data from the app what about from the server?
I just need the filename to start, but it would be also good to know where it came from (device), where it is on the device and where it is on the server.



You can for sure access the server and iterate over all files. There is however as far as I know no way to know which device was used to upload and from which exact location.

Are you talking about manual uploads out automatic ones?

Just focusing on automatic.
I think at this point I’ll check the phone for photos/videos and store data about them.
Then after their deletion date confirm they exist on the Nextcloud server before deletion.
Seems to be the easy way around not having access to the phones auto upload list.


–Phil Steward

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