Android App Collabora Bug editing spreadsheet file. Keyboard flickering

Nextcloud 23.0.2, nginx, php 8, arm64, Collabora/code docker latest version (unsure hot to get version #)
Android App Ver 3.19.0
Phone Pixel 6 Pro

I recently added the Nextcloud Office app and as backend use Collabora office docker. All is working great in browser.

However, not so much with the android app. When editing a spreadsheet file on the android app. I encountered a bizarre bug.

To recreate:

  1. Open collabora .xlxs spreadsheet file
  2. Enter edit mode
  3. Tap a cell to enter contents of cell and keyboard appears. First time seems to work ok.
  4. Tap another cell to edit and keyboard flickers rapidly and not easy to escape. Several taps of the back button might work. If that doesn’t work, have to exit the app to stop it.
  5. Tap other cells and same.

This is a nasty bug as it makes editing a spreadsheet file on the phone extremely challenging at best.