Android APP: Can't load "Files" menu

Hello, I can see files in “File” menu from PC, from local and from remote networks, but I can’t see them from mobile app. Icon is rolling, and nothing happens. But I can see files from “Media” menu. How to fix this issue?

Nextcloud is installed on Ubuntu 22.04 bia SNAP. Nextcloud Hub 4 (26.0.3)
Android APP V: 3.25.0




Thanks you.

Start to work. I did nothing.

Hi @fatalystt80 - Glad it started working for you. If it re-occurs there a two spots I’d check first:

  • Your nextcloud.log and/or Admin->Logging in the Web UI
  • Confirming you can load the web UI from your Android device in a browser

Another spot, but it requires a bit more work, is getting debug info via logcat: