Android App can't connect with DNS-Name, only IP works

I’ve just setup a new mobile phone for my girlfriend and I can’t connect it to my Nextcloud Server using the DNS-name. Connecting to the local IP address works (after telling it to ignore the certificate problem since that of course only validates the DNS-name).

Connecting to the same server on the same phone with Chrome works without a problem (using the DNS-name).

Connecting to the same server same app version different Android phone also works without a problem.

Tried with newest and oldest version available on Fdroid: 3.4.2 & 3.3.1 -> same problem.
I also tried the Dev version from Fdroid 20190201 -> same problem.
Server Version: 13.0.8 (can’t upgrade further because my Qnap NAS only has PHP Version 5.6.33)

Please help. How do I debug / solve this problem?

The Nextcloud Android apps are faulty beyond believe. Try to use Owncloud Android app 2.7.0 from Fdroid, that worked for me for Nextcloud 13, 14 and 15.0.2

okey. thanks for the hint. Does the Owncloud client also have the auto upload feature?
UPDATE: just tried the Owncloud app, same problem. No DNS Resolution inside the App…

If you use a self signed certificate your problem may be there. Otherwise I haven’t a clue

I found that the reason probably is that I added entries for my public ddns entry on my internal router to prevent my internet providers routers involvement when I access my public ddns name from inside my own network.

This works wonderful from all of my devices so far, but this new phone somehow seems to have problems with this, at least in most apps != Chrome.