Android app and troubles with instant uploads

I’ve android app setup for auto backup the whatsapp images folder and the Camera photos. I selected both on Instant Upload options in the app.
After 2 month, the nextcloud app storage became 9GB. I don’t undertand why, but I haven’t more available space on my phone. For get free space, I deleted the nextcloud app data and uninstalled it.
Now, I reinstall nextcloud app and I’m getting popup messages information (asking for duplication files) all the time.
At this situation, I’m wondering how I can reduce the app storage (just I use to upload my photos) and how I can set ommiting the duplicate message for rest of files.


I think the data must be stored in nextcloud app (android) and the cloud.

But in the phone is already located on Camera folder and WhatsApp folder. Why duplicates on mobile storage? If you are correct, this behaivor is disfunctional

Yes. There was a thread perhaps a week ago. I think sync means in nextcloud app and cloud.

I’m thinking in a trick for free duplicate files on the phone. What happened if when android app upload the camera files, on the server side I move this new files to another folder? Maybe this action free space because android app haven’t the files to sync (the files will isn’t in the sync folder)