Android app and nextcloud 14

I will apologize in advance if this question is dumb, but I did try to locate the answer myself.

I was hoping to use end-to-end encryption to store some of my files. This doesn’t appear to be an option on the app. Is this planned or am I missing something about how to activate this? Thanks

I’m still looking for the answer. Everything I see mentions I should be able to select the folder and then enable encryption in the menu. I do not have these options.

You have to enable e2ee app. Check settings and then select empty folder for encrypted files.
Remember! E2ee is still alpha. (according to app page)

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Thanks so much for responding. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure this out. I just have a couple questions maybe you can help me, I’d really appreciate it. I’m guessing this stuff needs to be done on the website, so I’ll check that out later.

Do I need to be hosting my own? I’m using wöelkli.

Is there any documentation on how to enable apps?

Thanks again

It’s been a while since I tested e2ee, and I can’t remember how I did it excatly. I host my own, so I don’t know if there are some restrictions with wöelkli…
Maybe you can use this guide.
It’s in German but Google translator does quite a good job, if needed.