Android App 3.13.1

Hello I set up a nextcloudpi server and everything is working fine so far. The only problem I have is with the Android app v 3.13.1. When I upload pictures from any folder of the phone it creates a file with the same name in “internal storage/ pictures” folder. The file does not contain anything to show and has 0 Bytes. I also tried it with upload and remove original file but it has the same effect.
So for example when I upload 500 pictures to the nextcloud, afterwards I have 500 additional empty image files on the phone.

I hope somebody can help.
Thanks in advance!

It is looking like this when I upload a lot of pictures

Nextcloud version
Operating system and version Nextcloudpi 1.29.8
Apache or nginx version
PHP version 7.3.19

NexCloudPi is not an operating system, it is a set of tools to help users, with little to no Linux experience, to install and configure Nextcloud. With NCP the OS used is Debian 10.

Please run ncp-report from terminal and share output via pastebin or similar, when in need of assistance. There is no way for others to help without log content, generated by ncp-report.

I am also using the Android app 3.13.1 and, it works fine for me.

Sorry I didn’t know that.
Here is the output of ncp-report.