Android App 3.13.0 some media player controls missing

Open an audio file in 3.13.0 and the time slider control is missing.

This is a help forum and the wrong place to report bugs.

You should instead open an issue in the bug tracker :beetle: (filling the complete template). :wave:

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Not everyone has a github account.

Their is not only the time slider thats bug, their is the full screen that not working too, the buttons for lunch next or last media (and they just dissipear in some case). Nextcloud does not resume music when you have paused music, nor after a call.

Plz dev : It would be cool to check mains features before releasing such a broken update.

Not every developer can listen on so many channels.

Besides that you are welcome to join the beta channel on Play Store to help preventing issues in production and notify the developer if you find a bug.

Don’t expect a fix if you do not make a proper report providing the information that is requested on the linked issue template. :man_shrugging:

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While I do understand this is the wrong place to post bugs, where do general users (my users that have no idea what GitHub is) post bugs from within the app and get feedback? voxdemonix is correct, the media player is broken in the latest app and that should have been checked. There are many other bugs that I won’t explain here as this isn’t the place for them.
I do understand the need for narrowing down the variables when it comes to bug reports and I also understand that this means bugs get fixed faster. However, filling in a survey to report something quite obvious is a huge wall against timely community contribution. I will just avoid doing it. Many others do too. There needs to be an easier way to report bugs and I suggest something within the app that is comprehensive, that gathers the data the developers need and makes it dead simple for layman to report that things aren’t working.


apparently this feature you’re suggesting isn’t built in so far. so it would be wonderful if you’d open a feature request on github.

btw: YOU as the admin of your instance is first person to turn to in case of problems… if it turns out to be a bug we don’t expect every simpe user to report bugs but you as the admin could do that.


Yeah we understand, but It’s a Community Channel : so I encourage someone with a Github account and who understood how the free software world works to post the bug report on that gafam’s service :wink:


If their is a server problem of course.
But if it an external app with a bug in it implementation, it’s not so easy. (If one of your users has a problem with webdav implementation on his iPhone, you, the admin, who don’t own any Apple product will make a (real) bug report and report it to Apple (for free) ? )