Android app 3.1.0: displaying every photo twice?

This view took 45 seconds (!) to display, but on the phone are only a few photos, around 10 pcs. Every photo is displayed twice.

When i’m trying to open one picture i’ll get a white display on white background?

Begin of screenshot:

End of screenshot (white picture on white background)

@Sanook the display twice bug has been fixed for the next stable release (and also in the latest dev releases), see - Although the “search” will stay that slow for the simple reason that right now the API we can use isn’t that great since we can’t read files block-wise but think we can speed up things here if we load them ordered by their creating time but that will also come in a future version.

As a general note, anything that looks like a bug or is a feature request should not be posted in the forum but in the issue tracker since many devs aren’t around in the forum (too many communication channels!) so your chances to get something fixed or implemented are way better :slight_smile: