Android App 1.4.2 RC4 released

Hi everybody,

We released the second release candidate of the upcoming stable:

  • Auto Upload (Android 6+)
  • Auto Upload improvements and fixes
  • Filtering improvements
  • Fix for Android permissions (removed read phone state permission)
  • Fix re-upload of files
  • Avoid toggling favourite for all selected files
  • Link to providers list in the setup screen
  • further bugfixes and improvements

Happy testing, we hope you enjoy the latest bugfixes and Auto Upload coming to Android 6 :slight_smile:



Yesterday I upgraded my Oneplus 3t phone to Android 7.0. Now NC client seems to be very slow when phone is connected to WiFi. It takes really long time to upload any files and browsing my files also takes long time. E.g. downloading images really lags. Using 1.4.2 RC4 on Android 6.0.1 yesterday was really smooth.

I have measured throughput and I get over 100 Mb/s in DL and even more in UL at the moment.

All other apps tested runs smooth.


Well, just ignore me and my silly words…

It might have been so that I might have blacklisted the IP so there were indeed lags in the login while I was connected to that WiFi.

I did a clean up of oc_bruteforce_attempts. Everything seems to back to normal now.

Sorry for the noice!

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No worries, happy to hear it is working for you now :slight_smile:

I do have another issue though.
I have configured to only upload over WiFi, to save some data.

Now, when taking some pictures while away from WiFi, pictures are put in the uploads with a statement ‘waiting to be uploaded’.

When I then e.g. get back home and the phone connects to my WiFi, pictures remaines in state ‘waiting to be uploaded’. Nothing I can do to get them uploaded.

If I take another picture, while connected to WiFi, that one is uploaded instantly. Old pictures still pending to be uploaded.

This is not a desired behaviour, if you ask me.

Hi @falolaf,

correct, that is not the desired behavior and the files should be in the pending state and then when connected to WiFi should get uploaded. cc @mario @tobiasKaminsky


Today it did another test and this time it worked as expected. Picture was
uploaded when I got home and connected to my home nw.

Will do some more testing.

Den mån 13 mars 2017 11:45Andy Scherzinger skrev:

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I have done even more testing and I have not been able to reproduce the problem. It might have been a temporary glitch of some kind…

I just saw that 1.4.2 stable has been released. Will go for that one soon.

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@falolaf you can go for it right away :wink: Since we have the golden master principle -> so feature/code wise (except for translations) 1.4.2 RC4 equals 1.4.2 final :smiley: