Android app Mark as starred does not work

… if “Skip detailled view and open article in browser” is enabled.

In it is working now but the update deleted all starred articles of my phone :frowning:

Update: Does only work for unread articles and not for already read ones

Don’t understand why they don’t care about that.

Because 1. this app is not from the Nextcloud GmbH but from a 3rd party developer and 2. not every dev reads in this support forum. I notified the developer, but for the future: This is a support forum. If you have bugs, report them at the corresponding repository, in this case:

The repositories are linked in the app store descriptions in the most cases.


Can you check if they are still there in the web interface?

There is already a related issue:

You should subscribe to it.

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Yes they are

Temporary solution for deleted favorites: How to resync starred articles? - Update to for Android is deleting them