Android 2.0 app is not showing thumbnails

I just upgraded the android app to 2.0 and it’s not showing thumbnails, any idea?

Hi @mehturt,

thumbnails are fetched from the server. Do you see anything related in the Nextcloud log on the server?

@Andy actually I see them fetched, and even if I open the URL that I see in my Apache logs in a web browser, I can see the thumbnail. It’s just it’s not showing up in the Android app.

@mehturt can you download files within the app? Only thing I can think of is a permission issue with the disk location where the files are stores on your device.

cc @mario @tobiasKaminsky

I can download the JPG file for which there is no thumbnail and the JPG displays. The the thumbnail is shown, for that file only.

Well that likely also works because if the file is downloaded we can fallback to generate the thumbnail on the device.

I hope @mario and @tobiasKaminsky have an idea… :confused:

I’m still on NC 11, could that be a problem?

After upgrading to NC 12.0.3 thumbnails are working again.

hmmm, that seems kind of strange while I only know my way around the Android client. :confused:
Happy though that upgrading to 12.0.3 solved the issue for you!