"an unknown error has occurred" when uploading a MB size file

I ran Nextcloud under a docker container. Uploading bigger files (talking about MB) I get an error “an unknown error has occurred” . Uploading smaller files works with no issues.
I don’t seem to find any settings to increase file size upload.
Any ideas?


I think is related with this bug

Try without modsecurity activated

issue fixed.
I created an additional config file on ngnix proxy container and specify the max body size.


Thanks for posting your fix sergiu_oanes

I used this guide:

(Just as a help for new users like me)

I came across the same issue and in fact for me the solution was to add a vhost.d file for my specif host. Another I believe also good solution is provided by nextcloud itself:


See in the folder up on how the nginx conf is used during the build process of a new nginx image.